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Experiences teaching and collaborating with people from all walks of life have been heart-expanding and inspiring...

From youth to older adults and a broad spectrum of fitness has been a constant throughout my time teaching yoga. I have worked with cancer patients and those with other serious illnesses, those recovering from traumatic injuries, those who find themselves in grief, illness, dealing with PTSD, and those who wish to move their body and calm their mind throughout their busy week.

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This practice holds sacred space to come as you are.

My yoga journey beginning in the BKS Iyengar tradition, swiftly transitioned from tentatively taking my first class to attending as many classes as would fit into my schedule. There came a moment when I realized yoga is not simply something to do, it illuminates who we are.

With 1,000+ hours of yoga, meditation and wellness trainings, I currently collaborate with yoga teacher trainings and lead the restorative yoga, breath, bandhas & mudras, and meditation training modules in Fallbrook and Temecula yoga trainings. In addition to group classes, I teach to private clients as well as mentor yoga teachers.


Co-teaching AcroYoga and partner yoga with Brian Yuen has been a thrill and an arena for my own deep personal growth. And as a bonus I've gained such joy in co-creating a challenging + fun AcroYoga Teacher Training and making meaningful connections with some amazing humans along the way.  

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The Hippocratic oath, First Do No Harm, aligns with Ahimsa, the cornerstone of yoga. This is paramount to every interaction. I bring clarity, compassion and creativity to wholeheartedly meet each person where they are.  My classes blend traditional and healing qualities of yoga coupled with breath-centered intelligent sequencing, encouraging you to explore and cultivate mindfulness and bring lightness and into your practice and a greater sense of well-being into your life to unveil your full potential.


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

"Thank you so much for coming to the studio and sharing all your delicious, juicy, restorative knowledge with us.  I have to say that it has been one of my favorite sections of teacher training so far."

Yoga In Nature Mini-Retreat

Yoga In Nature Mini-Retreat

"After being isolated for months, it felt so good to be out in nature, safely distanced with a lovely group. I hope you do yoga in nature again."

Acro Yoga Teacher Training with Brian Yuen.

AcroYoga Teacher Training

"Words cannot adequately express my immense joy after AcroYoga teacher training. I don't think I've ever worked so hard, but I learned clean techniques and gained a great deal of skill from your training. And I have new lifetime friends and have bolstered my confidence to teach!"


Thai Yoga Massage Training

"The thai yoga training was really helpful. I had done a little before but this helped me learn how to do it and give me a sequence to use. Thanks!!"

Global Mala yoga festival.

Global Mala, NJ

"We thank you for co-teaching AcroYoga with Brian at Global Mala. We received great feedback on your session! Our community is grateful to have you share your time and your support of the Newark Yoga Movement."

Rainbow Yoga Festival,

Cirali, Turkey

"What an amazing festival! I traveled a distance and I am so glad I did. All the yoga sessions were really inspiring -- especially the partner yoga."



I have been practicing and co-teaching with my beloved, Brian Yuen, traveling and connecting with many wonderful and inspiring humans since 2007. Brian's unique approach, his focus on the essentials, and his deep understanding of the teachings has informed my own teaching style, one that encourages strong foundations, clear communication, intelligent sequencing, and a safe container to explore one's full potential.


Brian teaches on-going yoga classes in Southern California, leads yoga teacher training modules, workshops, and retreats in the U.S. and abroad.