Yoga Designed Just for You

Experience how yoga sessions shaped specifically for you, or you and a partner create an intense path for learning. 
To collaborate on Yoga Teacher Trainings or a Workshop,  please reach out to co-create an inspiring training or event.

Deepen Your Discovery of Yoga

Immerse yourself in a practice to improve body and mind balance. Relieve stress, tension and muscle stiffness, and keep the body strong, centered, powerful and flexible, while learning to quiet the mind.

Are Personalize Yoga sessions right for you?

Each session is adapted to your needs and in a way that aligns with your goals.



  • Increases flexibility

  • Builds up muscle strength

  • Improves posture and balance

  • Boosts immunity

  • Regulates your adrenal glands

  • Relaxes your system and promotes deeper sleep

  • Makes you happier

  • Gives you peace of mind

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Offerings & Rates

Self-Care Yoga
(45-minute session)

Maintain your self-care commitment with ease and support with time-efficient yoga sessions.

Each session can include mindful movement, strengthening, stretching and breathwork followed by a blissfully restorative śavasana. Designed to fit your specific needs: a calming practice, a strong energetic practice, or a combination.

Single session - $49

5 sessions - $220

10 sessions - $399


Rates are for up to 2 participants.

Each additional participant, $10.

Yoga In-Person

Get inspired as you develop a yoga practice designed for you and your needs. 

Personalized yoga and having your very own session is for you if you're starting out or if you seek instruction to tweak your on-going practice. 

Single session - $65

5 sessions - $300

10 sessions - $550


Rates are for up to 2 participants.

Each additional participant, $15.

Yoga Live-streamed

We'll meet one-to-one through the safe and easy method of digital livestreaming. Perfect if you're looking for personalized instruction and wish to maintain a safe zone.

Special Priced Private Sessions for a limited time.

Contact me now for this specially priced 5-session package.

*5 sessions - $99

*to be used within 3 months of purchase.

AcroYoga or
Partner Yoga

Jump into AcroYoga or refine aspects of your on-going AcroYoga practice with instruction designed just for you. 

It takes two to make the world go 'round, and Partner Yoga will add an element to your yoga experience that'll really keep it spinning!

Single session - $75

5 sessions - $325

Corporate Yoga |
Yoga at Work

Increase energy, focus, concentration and elevate the mood in your company or organization environment with yoga. Function with greater effectiveness by reducing and managing the harsh affects sitting and stress. Completely tailored to fit your objectives.

• Corporate, Boardroom, Yoga classes at work.

• 30-minute breath work & guided meditation classes.

• 30-minute Screen Break. Step away from the screen and reset.

• 1 hour Stretch and Refresh yoga.

• Workshops & Themed Special Series.


Single session (up to 1 hr.) - $125

8 sessions (up to 30 mins./session) - $440

8 sessions (up to 1 hr./session) - $600

Team Building
Event | Party

Whether it's a birthday party or bachelorette party, a personal celebration or your corporate event, we will create one of your most memorable team-building sessions ever.


Let's discuss your goals and we'll design an experience that builds on your vision.

Up to 10 attendees - $125

11 to 15 attendees - $175

Over 15, please inquire.

Prenatal Yoga


With the practice of yoga comes a deep integration of intentional movement, mindful breath, and focus, setting you up for more balance, peace and wellbeing.

Yoga Pose
Ashtanga Yoga

I'm on a mission to help you create new wellness habits that can fit into your busy life.


-  All rates are based on a one-hour session unless otherwise noted and in Temecula or surrounding area.

-  Multiple Session rates are based on prepayment.

For travel outside the Temecula area: additional fee may apply.

-  A 12-hour notice is required for cancellations without forfeiting the session fee.

-  All sessions to be used within one year of purchase unless otherwise noted.