A Fresh Approach

to Yoga Teacher Mentorship

 Your teaching will come alive





... the way you designed our sessions for the specific things I struggled with really helped me a lot! I gained so much more with our sessions than the last teacher training I took. 
- Mentee, 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher


Address key elements to stay inspired, maintain openness to learning, engage more fully with your own practice and your students'. Enrich and up-level your teaching skills.

Many paths, one destination. As you go through the Mentorship option of your choice: having your mentor attend your yoga class and receiving valuable feedback, or working one-on-one on topic/s of interest, you will receive strategies and tools customized to your needs with support along the way.


Yoga teacher training is life-changing, providing you with overwhelming amounts of information. Amidst self-transformation and learning about yoga, guidance is crucial to navigate the reality.


Get a  refresher, learn more basics, refine and expand your teaching skills, deepen your understanding of a specific topic. Partner with a trusted mentor to become the teacher you're meant to be. Options are personalized to guide you through your challenges and delve into the topics that interest and inspire you.


In this specialized program each session is tailored to fit your needs and interests. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in in-depth subjects that resonate with you. Deconstruct poses, learn clear cueing techniques, subtle body reading that address your students' needs. You will be rewarded with authentic confidence and deeper compassion as you strengthen your skills and understanding.


Ready to work together? Here's where we can help: Areas of Concentration.


Combined, over two decades of teaching and 4+ decades as yoga students, Lorrie Shepard and Brian Yuen have worked with yoga teachers and teacher trainings as both instructors and mentors starting in 2011.  We know the significance of support, advice and inspiration. Having someone to ask complicated questions is a tremendous boost which avoids the dreadful feeling of being stuck. This program meets you where you are, offers check-ins with someone who understands where you're at, and provides useful feedback. It's designed to provide solid guidance on next steps, useful advice on critical teaching skills, and compassionate support.

We look forward to assisting you in crafting a practice and career that illuminates the joy of yoga.

Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle


Immerse yourself in mentor

sessions that feed your spirit and grow your skills.

Yoga Session
Yoga Pose

How To Get Started

4 Simple Steps

Expand your abilities as a yoga teacher, gain insight in areas that interest you, and connect more deeply with yourself and your students.

1  Go to Areas of Concentration. Notice what you're naturally drawn to or curious about, what you'd like to learn more about.

2  Scroll down to answer Common questions (or learn info you may not be aware of).

3  Check out the mentor packages and choose the one that works for you.

4  Contact us and we'll discuss the best approach to suit your needs.


Cueing and Dialogue

Strengthen student's focus and attention on their practice.

Artful Sequencing

Empower your students to explore and authentically experience.

Class Plans & Themes

Your teaching and classes become vibrant and powerful.

Pranayama & Bandhas Techniques

Breath and connections are the cornerstones of Yoga.

Deconstruct Asanas Sharpen Your Vision

Linking intelligence and the attribute of an intuitive teacher.

Your Teaching Voice

Fortify the unique framework for your yoga offerings.

The Seat of the Teacher

Create a safe container for your students to feel at ease.

Yoga Styles

Iyengar, vinyasa, restorative, chair, yoga nidra meditation, acro yoga are highly regarded styles of yoga.

Questions About Mentorship

How do I schedule a Mentor Session?

Take these steps to broaden your scope as a yoga teacher:

  1. Look through the different Areas of Concentration. If you don't see a topic you're looking for, ask! If it's not our forte, we will direct you to a qualified teacher.
  2. Contact me to discuss your mentorship needs.
  3. We will set up our first one-hour Mentor Session.
The initial Mentor Session is 1-hour minimum. This includes a clear agenda to ensure a productive meeting. Topics for your session is set by both mentor and you, prior to your session.

How do I set up a Yoga Class Review?

We'll coordinate with your class or workshop, or audition some ideas you have and I will attend as your mentor. This is a real game-changer! Feelings of vulnerability can run high so we will work as a team and together get you to the next BIG chapter of teaching: "I Found My Teaching Groove!" Yoga Class Review Includes:

  • Mentor attends your yoga class, workshop or audition
  • Post-Yoga Class Review with mentor
  • Customized homework assignment

What are the terms of service?

All rates are one-hour sessions unless otherwise noted and based in Temecula and the surrounding area. Multiple Session rates are based on prepayment. For travel outside the Temecula and surrounding area an additional fee may apply. A 12-hour notice is required for cancellations without forfeiting the session fee. All sessions to be used within one year of purchase.

Does this count as Yoga Alliance Continuing Education?

Yes! Mentoring hours, and hours accumulated throughout the mentorship including homework and study time can be counted as CEU hours for Yoga Alliance.

How is this mentorship program unique?

It's Personalized. We create a plan together to determine specific areas of focus and topics of interest and each sessions addresses your needs. You will receive strategies and tools customized specifically for you. Each mentoring session will thoughtfully challenge you and yield results for you personally and as a yoga teacher at your own pace and with specialized guidance from Lorrie or Brian (you choose your mentor). It's Flexible. Set up your sessions to fit your schedule. Plus you have the option to take the Mentorship Program with up to two others. Sign up with up to two of your yoga teacher colleagues and take these sessions together as a small group and split the cost. Sessions will be designed with your group's needs in mind with dynamic content to inspire and move you all forward. With richly concentrated content in each session, you will have tools to confidently work on specific areas to Expand and Amplify as an amazing yoga teacher, with your mentor support and advice along the way.

How do I schedule a Follow-up Session?

You've already completed the Yoga Class Review or Mentor Session and would like to tie up loose ends, answer questions that may have arisen, recieve mentor support and guidance. This 45-minute session will recap your previous review, discuss your experiences, highlight areas of strengths, and provide you with additional information and 1:1 assistance. Follow-up Session includes: - Discuss assignment findings - Review new skills & progress - Specific follow-up guidance and support

Find out if Yoga Mentorship is right for You.