"only from the heart can you touch the sky." -RUMI

After completing yoga teacher training,

A crucial step to becoming the yoga teacher you aspire to

is having a helpful road map to get there.

If you have questions on what those next steps are, you are in good company. 

This is one of the biggest challenges yoga teachers face.

 See your teaching come alive.





Carve out time and attention to hit the Refresh Button.


Address the key elements to stay inspired, maintain openness to learning, engage more fully with your own practice and your students'. Enrich and up-level your teaching skills.


With over two decades of teaching, 4+ decades as yoga students, we've worked closely with yoga teachers and recognize the significance of support, advice and inspiration. Having someone to ask those complicated questions to is a tremendous boost. This program meets you where you are, offers opportunity to check in with someone who understands where you're at, and provides useful feedback. It is Designed to provide solid guidance on next steps, useful advice on critical teaching skills, and compassionate support.


Yoga teacher training is life-changing, providing you with overwhelming amounts of information! Amidst your self-transformation and learning about yoga, guidance is crucial to navigate the reality.


Sign up for a  refresher, learn more basics, refine and expand your teaching skills, deepen your understanding of a specific topic. Partner with a trusted mentor to become the teacher you're meant to be. Options, personalized to guide you through your challenges and delve into the topics that interest and inspire you.


Tailor your session to suit your needs and interests. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in in-depth subjects that resonate with you. Expand your knowledge on ways to become more inspired as a yoga teacher.


To get started, check out: Areas of Concentration.


Many paths, one destination. As you go through the Mentorship option of your choice: having your mentor attend your yoga class and receiving valuable feedback, or working one-on-one on topic/s of interest, you are supported along the way.

Reach out with any questions. We look forward to assisting you in crafting a practice and career that illuminates the joy of yoga.

yoga teacher mentor

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

- Lau Zsu



  • Yoga Class Review

    For teachers currently teaching.


    Yoga Class Review, attended by your Mentor gives the best opportunity for transparency of strengths and areas for growth. Post-class time together offers space for discussion, questions and answers and is concluded with a customized assignment to work on for your own benefit and progression.



  • Follow-up Yoga Class Review

    Continue to develop the areas you're working on. Adequate time for questions and practice.

    When we set out to change, having an opportunity to evaluate progress helps to set good patterns in place and clean up any stragglers.

    Pre-Req: Yoga Class Review session.



  • Mentor Session

    Be inspired and move forward in your life as a yoga teacher!


    Expand Creativity and Refine your Skills. Learn and clarify concise cueing, alignment and assist techniques. Branch out. Learn more about different styles of yoga and what resonates with you. Boost your confidence as a yoga teacher.



  • Mentorship Module Track

    This 5-Module Mentorship includes class review, follow-up review, 3 Topics of your choosing, and critical face-time with your mentor.


    Expand Creativity and Refine your Skills. You'll learn how to bring each of these new skills to life!



Still have a question?

“Thank you again for our last session together. Since then, I've made some big goals.... Thank you so much for your encouragement and inspiration. I'm so excited.” 

—  A mentee student, yoga teacher