releasing  meditation

Use this 10-20 minute reflection and meditation to cultivate deeper gratitude for opportunities for growth.

It serves to heighten awareness to peacefully release hindrances and develop clarity to move forward on the journey of your life.

​Physically shedding layers is a painless process that we are not usually aware of. Our system naturally clears off dead skin cells as the epidermis which has been forming below prepares to migrate upward. So even though our skin is a protective barrier, at some point, the outer layer of skin cells become damaged and no longer useful so they must be released to make way for a fresh layer.


But how does the process of shedding and releasing show up for us on an energetic level?

How does growing up and expanding in our thoughts, emotions and actions take place?

What can we do to lessen our growing pains and maintain equanimity as we release

layers of stuff that is no longer an asset for radical transformation within?


Breathe + Reveal + Release Meditation

Place yourself in a comfortable chair or lie down. Move around a bit to get more comfortable.

Take a few inhales and exhales with full attention on the breath.

As you breathe slowly and fully, take refuge in the sensation of your breath and the sound of your breath. Consciously deep within your heart remember that change is a natural life experience as natural as the change of flow of the in-breath and the out-breath... and change touches everyone. Repeat to yourself, "change is always happening."

Now allow your awareness to rest on a feeling of gratitude for the metamorphosis that continually takes place, grateful for this natural process which provides an opportunity to shed useless layers, old baggage, or negative energy.

Remain in the feeling of gratitude for a few breaths. You may wish to include a mantra as you breathe.

             Breathing In: I feel grateful, Breathing Out: to be here now.  Breathe In: I feel grateful, Breathe Out: for clarity.

With deepest honesty, your open mind and open heart notice a negative emotion or a biased belief that may be ready to be released in order to move more ease-fully forward on this journey.

Take a deep breath in through the nostrils ... pause... exhale fully, simultaneously feeling the ground beneath you. Repeat this breathing technique for 10 more rounds. If you lose track of counting or you become distracted, simply start over with no judgement.

Pause for a few more moments.

No need to control or count the breath. Allow yourself in this moment to simply BE without the need to "do" anything. 

OM peace peace peace

mindfulness meditation

Use this  5 to 10 minute meditation to cultivate curiosity and awareness skills for self-care. Try this meditation one time each day.

Make This Awareness Your Home Right Now

Wherever you are, put away whatever is distracting you...close your email accounts, turn off social media, quiet alerts and place your phone more than an arms distance away. Let's take a moment to de-clutter our digital space and our minds.


Take a deep breath in through your nostrils, and a long breath out through your mouth.

Welcome yourself to this moment, to the practice of doing one thing right here, right now. Notice what that’s like.  

Ask, "what am I feeling right now in my body?" And starting with your feet, scan your body slowly up to the crown of the head. Notice any sensations in your muscles and joints, notice your breath, your heart beating.

Let’s simply be here now together. Notice what this is like. Feel into your direct experience, whether you are sitting, standing, walking or lying down.


You might be feeling sensations in your body (warm, cold, numb, achy, dry), you might be hearing sounds in your environment or simply looking around your room and really seeing what you see.

Pause in this moment to simply Be... here now, together - for ten more breaths.


OM peace peace peace