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Loving Kindness Breathing

A simple breathing meditation to generate a little more love in this world.

Meta :: Loving Kindness Breathing 

Use this challenge to set in motion the action of breathing and intention as powerful tools to both receive and send out love and goodwill.


Experience the shift that can take place when you give even a minute of your time and attention to this meditation.

This quick practice, a loving-kindness centered breath meditation, has a profound effect on mind body spirit.


The positive impact on physical and emotional tension is real. Consciously breathing and evoking loving energy calms the autonomic nervous system, which has the ability to deeply impact emotional and physical health and well-being.

And this lovely breath-centered meditation has multiple layers of benefit both to yourself: a gentle way to soften to feel loved by utilizing the power of the breath, and to others: exuding loving energy toward those around you.

Your 60-Second Challenge



Click on the short recording below and follow along with me.  

Once you've listened and practiced along with me, try it for yourself one time per day -- waiting in line, sitting in traffic, during a commercial


Let me know how this 60-second Challenge was for you.

OM peace peace peace



Loving Kindness Breath MeditationLorrie Shepard
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The Cradle of Your Soul by lemonmusicstudio

Tanpura by Krsna Kirtana Songs

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