Designed For

New and experienced yoga teachers who desire to expand their knowledge and sharpen their teaching skills of this supported expansive practice. It targets theory, alignment, sequencing, and energetics of Restorative Yoga.

Utilizing props, gravity and breath, gain a basic understanding of how to calm the nervous system, release deeply held tensions, relieve harmful effects of chronic stress to feel more vibrant and present with a yogic approach.

Learn how to create a restorative experience working with the subtle body, poses, propping and alignment.

  • Develop techniques to invite more space, quietness into your body.

  • Connect with your essential nature to release and heal.

  • Create space for each student's restorative experience.

  • Address the effects of our ever-accelerating lives by quieting the brain.

  • Utilize Restorative Yoga to decrease anxiety, boost the immune system, and hormonal balance.


Restorative Yoga Foundations training will equip you with tools for building a restorative practice, incorporating them into your group classes, and creating your own personal practice.

Training Includes

Lecture, Restorative Yoga experience, hands-on teaching practice, discussion, q+a, training manual.

Some Topics Covered

  • Relaxation Response theory and the central nervous system

  • Basic props use and alignment basics

  • Seeing the energy body in asana

  • Teaching skills: verbal cues, observing and effective sequencing

Please bring a pen, your camera for taking pictures of pose set-ups, your own yoga blanket if you have one.

Yoga Alliance CEU credits