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the Practice of REMEMBERING

A way of discovering and reconnecting to your inner brilliance.


Using memories and past experiences to tap into qualities within that may have, over time, become lessened or silenced, is for me both fun and inspiring. The Practice of Remembering Meditation is one of connection and discovery that I love to use during times of feeling ungrounded and when I feel as if my energy is whirling. I know a lot of us have felt that way recently.

I first learned about the healing properties of "remembered wellness" through the research and years of work of Herbert Benson, MD. His first book, The Relaxation Response, has been an invaluable resource for me in setting the foundations of my understanding the ability one has in making choices for their well-being. 

Re-DISCOVER yourSELF through the brilliance of your memories.

I embrace being present in my life. I embrace life's cycles and changes and my own personal growth through those cycles and changes. I believe living in the past is not just unfulfilling, but it strips one of experiencing the richness and nuances of being fully present; it can have a detrimental impact on our health.


So here, I make a distinction between memories and nostalgia. Where nostalgia is an emotional state that places us in an unfulfilling and many times sad state of pining for something or someone to be as it was in the past, memories is about remembering events; not to wish you were back in that time. Bringing up memories tap into parts of yourself that were alive at that time. They have the ability to bring about delight, a good laugh, a moment when you were engaged in something uplifting. Using memory as a tool, can be a key that opens us up to qualities within us we wish to reconnect with. Reconnecting with memories can allow us to see the bigger picture and, in that way, has the capacity to assist in reframing unhelpful narratives and in gaining a broader perspective on our life.


Sometimes a seemingly inconsequential memory, can be insightful and inspiring and it has the ability to open up space within that taps into part of yourself that may have been sitting dormant. Here, it's also important to point out that not everyone has had all the amazing experiences, so use imagination for inspiration when that is so.

There's no need to stay there for too long, rather use your memory as a springboard for inspiration.


Remembering meditation can be practiced in a number of ways: putting in your earbuds and taking a walk, finding a comfortable place to sit or lie down, or getting cozy in bed before you drift off to a deep restful dreamy sleep.


For this meditation practice, you may wish to set up a space, whether sitting or lying down by lighting a candle, using a favorite essential oil or wrapping up in a cozy blanket.  If you journal, consider setting that nearby for exploring your observations. 


My recommendation for this meditation is to practice it in a variety of ways: seated, as a walking meditation or lying down.


May this practice be a useful tool for you, to see yourself more clearly through the lens of your past experiences. May you feel more grounded and connected as you clear the pathway back to those qualities you love most about yourself.

OM peace peace peace

Tap into Your TRUE Self

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