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Supported Transformation

Try these tips and expand in grace and stability during the ups and downs, backs and forths, and side to sides of life.

Change is Happening in Every Moment

We can feel the energy of change, it's palpable -- both micro and macro speaking, and on some level, you may be so ready for it.



But when it comes right down to it, life changes can be scary and transitions, as much as we acknowledge them and wish for them, can bring about a feeling as if we are falling into an unknown abyss.

Most often change and transformation, even the positive changes or things you're looking forward to, can stir up feelings of overwhelm or discomfort. These unsettling feelings and tension can then create dis-ease, conditions for becoming ill.

You may have first-hand experience with this. Something that's happened to me more than once, and friends and colleagues at work too. It goes something like this: you have been planning a dream vacation and are beyond excited for it. But with trying to clear up all the loose ends at work before you leave in addition to getting packed and ready for your trip, your work environment has become more tense, and you've gotten completely stressed out. Then just before leaving for vacation or while away on your adventure, you become sick. And now you're having to manage your illness AND try to do all the things you've been looking forward to.

No Need to Add On

We see how the additional stress of even a positive change like taking a vacation can wreak havoc on our physical and mental health and wellbeing. This tells us that, though discomfort and uncertainty are part of the change deal, there are also key factors in how to not add on to the growing pains of change and stressors that will inevitably present themselves.

Embracing essential foundational components of support can transform an anxiety-inducing situation to one that is approachable and flowing and ultimately something to look forward to.

Three Key Elements

Address these essentials to positively impact you in traversing life's transitions and changes with strength, grace and courage. With the energy and support garnered from community in concert with your commitment to self-care, profound transformation is possible.


Seek out a person who is supportive and tenderly holds your experiences of your journey. This may be the same person who holds you accountable!


Become part of a supportive group or community that is uplifting and encouraging.


Carve out space and time for self-care. Taking an active role in your health and well-being will help you assimilate the uncertainties of transformation, the practice of consciously caring for oneself sends a signal to your autonomic nervous system that you are safe.

Establishing a robust support system, coupled with wise lifestyle choices such as intelligent nutrition, good sleep, and remembering to be grateful makes moving forward while maintaining vibrant health attainable.

TAKE THE STEP to ask for connection and support if you wish for it. We are on this journey together.

OM peace peace peace

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