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Immerse yourself in mentor sessions that

feed your spirit and grow your skills.


Supportive Mentoring for 
Yoga Teachers

You'll receive guidance, support, and inspiration when you take this step on your path of growth.

Mentor Session  

Designed with your goals in mind. Commit to progress.


Expand Creativity. Refine your Skills. For example, learn & clarify concise cueing, alignment, assist techniques, or about different styles of yoga. Boost your confidence as a yoga teacher.​

Up to 3 Participants.


Follow-up Class Review 

Continue your development. Adequate time for questions and practice.


When we set out to change, the opportunity to evaluate progress sets good patterns in place and cleans up any stragglers.

Up to 3 Participants.​

Pre-Req: prior Yoga Class Review or Mentor Session. 


Mentorship Deep Dive  

5-Session Module Mentorship: Yoga Class Review, Follow-up Review, plus 3 Mentor Sessions; topics of your choosing, and critical facetime with your mentor.

Embody and share your valuable skills and supported evolution.

Up to 3 Participants. (Mentor attends 1 yoga class/workshop or participants audition class / workshop ideas.

$265/5 sessions

Yoga Class Review 

Your mentor attending your yoga class, workshop or auditioning some ideas you have, gives the best opportunity for transparency of strengths and areas for growth.


Post-class discussion, questions & answers is concluded with a customized assignment for your benefit and progression.


3-Mentor Sessions 

Maintain momentum of learning, continuity and continue on your journey of growth.


Skillfully and authentically boost your confidence in your life and with your students.


Up to 3 Participants.

$180/3 sessions

Hear From Previous Students

Image by Flavia Bon

At the beginning of my 5 sessions, taking inventory of what I wanted to do vs where I was at set me up for a clear path of learning and growth. I was surprised by how much I gained on a very personal level because I initially thought this would be just about my yoga teaching skills. I am so grateful for the time and care you invested in me!

—  Mentee student, yoga teacher


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