ELEVATE YourWellbeing



Yoga Meditation Mindfulness Practice

Workshop with Lorrie Shepard

JAN 22, 2023 |  5:30 - 7:30PM
HOME Yoga Studio, Temecula CA


Each time you come to the yoga mat, you CREATE SPACE...

for greater connection to yourself, to the present, and to what you are truly seeking.


An engaging workshop of self-care and mindfulness-based techniques of being fully present.


During this workshop you'll have space to explore three unique approaches to tap into the art of meditating. In this way, you create and strengthen beneficial neural pathways and nourish your essential human need for the deep connections that have the power to truly enrich your life and well-being. We will close with a special yoga nidra meditation.


The weaving of these meditations will serve as a tool for an abundance of ease and calm, and as a conduit into the space within of amazing present awareness and clarity.


Through my exploration of dozens of meditations over the past two-decades, I've gathered together meditations that offer support and guidance in addition to contemplation and quieting.

Price: $35

Past Events and Experiences


Restorative Yoga Sound Escape
with Lorrie Shepard & Mikal Davis

DATE | TIME  t.b.a.

Recharge & Rejuvenate Your Winter Spirits


Take a pause in the midst of the seasonal flurry, setting in place the conditions to welcome the coming days and the new year with inner calm and strength.


Get immersed in a fluid winding-down sequence coupled with nourishing breath work, and deeply relaxing restorative yoga all bathed in live music that speaks to your heart. Mikal will accompany our journey with his multi-instrumental musical stylings. 


This experience is designed to warm your body, calm your mind, and open your heart with peace and clarity.

Leave feeling centered, grounded and completely blissed.​


Sunday Meditation Exploration
with Brian Yuen

Coming Back late-2022

Create or more deeply develop the research-based healthy habit of meditation. Each week begins with a dharma message and time for centering, followed by guidance into that week's meditation practice.

The perfect way to close out your weekend peacefully and relaxed to promote a restful night's sleep, to take you into your new week with clarity and mental strength.