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ELEVATE YourWellbeing

Winter Solstice


Hide and Seek

Stay tuned for new offerings coming soon.

Past Events and Experiences

Yoga Meditation Mindfulness Practice

Meditation : 3 Ways
Workshop with Lorrie Shepard

JAN 22, 2023 |  5:30 - 7:30PM
HOME Yoga Studio, Temecula CA


Each time you come to the yoga mat, you CREATE SPACE...

for greater connection to yourself, to the present, and to what you are truly seeking.


Join me for an engaging workshop of self-care and an exploration of mindfulness-based techniques of being fully present.


Restorative Yoga Sound Escape
with Lorrie Shepard & Mikal Davis

DATE | TIME  t.b.a.

Recharge & Rejuvenate Your Winter Spirits


Take a pause in the midst of the seasonal flurry, setting in place the conditions to welcome the coming days and the new year with inner calm and strength.


Get immersed in a fluid winding-down sequence coupled with nourishing breath work, and deeply relaxing restorative yoga all bathed in live music that speaks to your heart. Mikal will accompany our journey with his multi-instrumental musical stylings. 


This experience is designed to warm your body, calm your mind, and open your heart with peace and clarity.

Leave feeling centered, grounded and completely blissed.​

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