Supported Transformation

We know change is always happening.

We feel the energy of it, it is palpable -- both micro and macro speaking, and on some level we may be so ready for change. But when it comes right down to it, change can be scary and transitions, as much as we acknowledge them and wish for them can bring about a feeling as if we are falling into an unknown abyss.

Most often change and transformation come with feelings of discomfort and may even create conditions for becoming ill. You may have first-hand experience as this happens frequently in the workplace. The scenario: you have been planning a dream vacation and are beyond excited for it but during the extremely tense time at work and trying to clear up all the loose ends before you leave, you've gotten completely stressed out. Then just before leaving for your dream vacation or while away on the fun-filled adventure, you find yourself sick. So this tells us that though discomfort and uncertainty are part of the change deal, there are also a key factors in how to not add on to the growing pains that will inevitably present themselves.

Key Elements  that address essential support will positively impact us in managing life's transitions and changes with courage and grace. With the energy of support and your commitment to self-care, expansive profound transformation is possible.

1. Align yourself with a person who is supportive and tenderly holds your experiences of your journey. This may be the same person who holds you accountable!
2. Become part of a supportive group or community that is uplifting and encouraging.
3. Willingly carve out space and time for self-care. Taking an active roll in our own health and well-being will not only help us assimilate the uncertainties of transformation, the practice of consciously caring for one's self sends a signal to our autonomic nervous system that we are  safe. 

This fundamental and essential support system, coupled with wise lifestyle choices such as intelligent nutrition, good sleep, and remembering to be grateful makes moving forward while maintaining vibrant health attainable.

Take the step to ask for connection and support if you wish for it. We are on this journey together. ​ OM peace peace peace