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Trainings and Continuing Ed  for Yoga Teachers

DISCOVER how to Teach and Guide through the ancient subtle body and meditative teachings coupled with the latest medical science research.

Trainings are thoughtfully designed to equip and empower you with on- and off-the-mat yoga tools to practice and teach with a fresh outlook and an enhanced approach.  


Restorative Yoga C.E. Training

SEPTEMBER 16 & 17, 2023
For Experienced & New Yoga Teachers


This dynamic interactive training is designed to expand your knowledge of restorative yoga and sharpen your teaching skills of this supported practice. Learn the how's, when's and why's to incorporate Restorative Yoga into your yoga classes.

Restorative Yoga Foundations training will equip you with tools for building a restorative sequence, incorporating them into your group classes, and creating your own personal practice.

Yoga Alliance CEU hours.

Child's Pose

Pranayama + Bandhas: Continuing Ed for Yoga Teachers


GAIN:  a deeper understanding of the mystery of the breath and bandhas and how they relate to your yoga practice and well-being.


EXPLORE:  learn how to tap into breath and bandhas heart-opening wisdom and grounding support.


REFINE: pranayama techniques - how and when to incorporate them in your classes to expand the student's connection to themselves and their yoga practice. Learn and experience how bandhas and breath-work go hand-in-hand, and how to incorporate them into your teaching. You will leave with tools for both introducing breath-work and adapting to your student's needs, how bandhas are utilized to support and expand yoga poses, and advance your own personal growth.


This program satisfies 8 hours of YA continuing ed requirements and is designed for both seasoned and new yoga teachers who desire to expand their knowledge, enhance their existing practice, and sharpen their teaching skills.


TRAINING INCLUDES: lecture, experiential learning, hands-on teaching practice, discussion, q+a, and will cover:

  • The breath's impact physically and emotionally, including stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.

  • What type of breath to use - and when.

  • Techniques for regularly fitting these practices into your life and yoga classes.

  • Pranayama techniques to reduce stress, boost the immune system, and become more present and less distracted.

Yoga Alliance CEU hours.

“Thank you so much for coming to the studio and sharing all your delicious, juicy, restorative knowledge with us.  I have to say that it has been one of my favorite sections of teacher training so far."

-JZ, Restorative Foundations in 200 Hr TT

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