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Nourish . Replenish . Grow

Given the right conditions, everything has the potential to bloom.

Hiking in the desert this time of year is so enjoyable.

For me it may be the only time it's actually cool enough to go on a desert hike without an immense amount of pre-planning and prepping for the harsh conditions. Once out on the trails, the landscape tells a story of the past; of drought and the unforgiving directness and heat of the sun.

But the story that unfolds this time of year

is also of a certain nourishment and replenishment that occurs over the winter season; with rains feeding the plants and wildlife, and the sun's scorching rays easing up on it's fierceness toward environment. I notice blooms sprouting on plants and in places that rarely bloom. All around me growth is obvious by the bright fresh green leaves covering bushes that just months earlier appeared to be dead. The distinct sounds of bees and birds fill the air, where just months earlier, there was silence.

Nature's lessons.

  • What feeds you?

  • What do you need in order to flourish and grow?

  • What feeds your creativity?

  • What nourishes your soul?

Take time with these questions.

This time of year encourages

an increase in our energy and our desire to do do do.

Remember to give yourself permission to pause and breathe.

In the midst of all the doing simply breathe and BE.

You are enough.

Repeat this mantra: I am Enough



and thank you for meeting me here.


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