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5 Step Mindfulness Meditation

Use this 5-to-10-minute meditation to cultivate curiosity and awareness

skills for self-care. Try this meditation one time each day.


Make This Awareness Your Home

Right Now Meditation

Jump Right In

Wherever you are, put away whatever is distracting you...close your email accounts, turn off social media, quiet alerts and place your phone more than an arms distance away. Let's take a moment to de-clutter our digital space and our minds.

1. Take a deep breath

Breathe in through your nostrils, and a long breath out through your mouth.

2. Welcome

Greet yourself in this moment. Welcome the practice of doing one thing right here, right now.

Notice what that’s like.

3. Ask

"What am I feeling right now in my body?" And starting with your feet, scan your body slowly up to the crown of the head. Notice any sensations in your muscles and joints, notice your breath, your heart beating.

Let’s simply be here now together.

4. Notice

What this is like. Feel into your direct experience, whether you are sitting, standing, walking or lying down.

You might be feeling sensations in your body (warm, cold, numb, achy, dry), you might be hearing sounds in your environment or simply looking around your room and really seeing what you see.

5. Pause in this moment to simply Be...

Here now, together - for ten more breaths.

OM peace peace peace


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