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The Yoga of Trust, Part 2

Life experiences that aren’t so positive happen, boundaries become blurred and confidence is shaken. For some of us these experiences began at a young age. Trust became distrust as situations again and again proved that not everyone had our best interest at heart.

Questionable to poor decision-making, boundary issues, getting clear on what a strong trust-worthy relationship meant to me, learning and re-learning, trying and failing, and trying again. These were issues that I found myself on one side or the other. It wasn’t a “given” for me to intuitively embrace trust on either side: trusting or being trust-worthy.

On the AcroYoga mat, trust and clear boundaries

are crucial for a positive outcome.

Even starting out, I noticed how it was expected of each person to be clear and honest — which set up that safe container for exploration. As the foundation of trust and truth took root and strengthened, the concept of surrender and allowing myself lighthearted play began to feel safe; I could trust my partner/s and my own decisions.

Over my years of playing in the AcroYoga arena, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to learn how to establish healthy clear boundaries, understand safe containers in which to explore, learn how to be truly trust-worthy. I’ve been gifted positive reinforcement to speak my own truth and have developed more clear and authentic communication.

AcroYoga has been my safe container to

re-build trust in the most basic sense of the meaning.

And the tricks learned along the way are fun!

Notice, Observe, Inquire

I encourage you to notice areas where you may be holding back, things you may imagine are interesting or fun to try yet you hesitate to try them. Then as you ask yourself the following questions, try to stay open and present with the answers that may come up:

  • Why am I hesitant?

  • What is it about this activity or "thing" that gives me pause?

  • What part of myself wants to try?

  • What part of me is resistant?

Namaste + gratitude for joining me on the journey of gaining deeper trust and


- Lorrie


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