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Harmonize with Nature

Breathing in, I turn my attention inward...

Breathing out, I settle into stillness.

The cold crisp mornings

that we wake up to this time of year beckon us to bundle up and have a warm cup of something as we begin to organize our day in the quietness of the morning -- before the day’s activities begin to take shape and take over. We may spend time catching up on emails, the news, time in quiet contemplation or maybe attempting to gauge how the day will unfold.

Whatever your mornings are filled with, if you tend to be an early riser, you may notice during this time of year a tendency to sleep in a little longer. And in the evenings you may feel ready for sleep earlier than usual. Nature's natural rhythm during this colder darker season is for many animals to be less active and for some animals to hibernate, for trees to stop producing, for plant growth to slow. This is the time when nature pauses inwardly before expanding back outward to longer cycles of daylight.

However, there is the other side to this time of year that contrasts with the natural inclination toward warmth and rest: the shop til ya drop, eat and drink more than is healthy, rush and stress, and get caught up in the holidays in ways that leave us depleted and exhausted.

Create your own meaningful rituals

As in nature, so in us. Ayurveda teaches that we are not simply surrounded by nature, we are part of nature. So by noticing seasonal trends, you are given an indication of how to honor your needs and attend to your well-being.

Winter solstice can be a profound way to tune in to the beauty of the season. This year due to the limits we have during the pandemic, we can utilize this time to create a more intuitive, simpler and more natural holiday season.

Try This! Set aside time this season to cultivate a deeper connection to harmonizing with the season. Jot down your activity in your calendar and check "repeat annually" to continue this meaningful ritual year after year.
  • Nature - take a hike, spruce up your winter garden, take a bike ride or a long walk.

  • Loved ones - set aside time to consciously connect, send an old-school note or card, have a virtual gathering.

  • Enjoy a short mindful yoga session, a long savasana or a restorative pose and end with a seated meditation.

  • Light a candle - or sit by a fire.

  • Gratitude - stay with one point of gratitude or go for it and think of everything you can! Journaling helps to develop and create even deeper connections to that which we are grateful for.

  • All things that matter to us - what matters most to you?


Winter Solstice Celebration

December 21, 2020

5:30 - 6:45PM

Join me from the warmth of your home for an opportunity to turn inward, reflect and reset for the new year ahead. Expect a slow deep and meditative yoga practice to honor the longest night of the year and the rebirth of the sun.

Together we will explore mindful movement, supported poses and breath, and release stressors of this season as we immerse in a fully present soundscape experience.


During this season of giving

Here are a few opportunities to share abundance with local organizations. Do you have a favorite organization to add to this list? Please share!

  • The Swag - a non profit in Southwest Riverside County. We build relationships with the chronic homeless to help them get off the streets.

  • Foster For Life - to help foster kids thrive as they transition from foster care to independence.

  • Words in the Wild - a non-profit organization providing strengths-based literacy programs to children and families.


Together we can clarify our intentions and together we can create support for each other to thrive during these times. I keep you in my heart.

May you be safe, may you take time to consciously feed mind body and spirit that which nourishes you, and may you experience good health, peace and loving kindness. OM peace peace peace


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